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Question: How many clicks does it take for an Arkansas teacher to find a great job?

Answer: Way too many.

Currently, for a teacher to apply for a job in an Arkansas public school they have to:

  1. know the name of a school district where they might be interested in working
  2. find the district website
  3. locate where jobs are posted on the website
  4. filter through job postings for bus drivers, food service personnel, and other positions, to see if there is one that matches their credentials
  5. either create an online account and answer a bunch of questions or, perhaps, download a paper application to fill out and send in
  6. repeat for each school district

While researching Arkansas’ teacher shortage, we have learned that many school districts were having difficulty in attracting qualified teachers (no surprise). We also have discovered that job postings could be difficult for applicants to locate, and that the application process could be complicated and time consuming. District job postings were uninspiring, and generally neglected to mention why teachers should want to work in the district or any incentives intended to entice teachers to the district.

So we decided to try to make the process easier for teachers and districts, and have been working on a “common application” for Arkansas teachers. is the free resource designed to make it easier for teachers to find great jobs, and for school districts to find great teachers.

  • makes it easier for teachers to find district job postings. Once a district posts a position, it will automatically appear to qualified teachers that have created a profile on the site.  Teachers can filter the jobs by distance or other characteristics.
  • allows districts to pro-actively recruit teachers. Districts have access to a pool of teachers looking for jobs including those interested in long-term substitute opportunities.
  • makes the job-application process easier for teachers by automatically identifying jobs that match their qualifications, and streamlining the application process with a common application format.
  • helps teacher applicants be better informed by providing an estimated salary for each position based specifically on their education/experience as well as the districts’ student/teacher ratio.

We know that you already have a process for hiring teachers, but hope that you will add to your recruitment plan.  In addition to connecting teachers and districts, the site will generate information about how many teaching positions need to be filled and the types of applicants that districts are looking for. This information will allow Arkansas’ policy makers and teacher-preparation programs to better understand the need for educators around the state. The more districts that participate, the better the information we can use as feedback.

This is a soft launch of the system before the full hiring surge later in the Spring. We will be working with educator preparation programs to sign up prospective teachers, allowing districts to pro-actively recruit teachers, like how colleges reach out to high school students and invite them to apply. was designed specifically for Arkansas to meet the needs of Arkansas teachers and public school districts. There’s not a lot of bells and whistles- and no one is making any money off of the process.  Our goal was to make the system as simple as possible for both teachers and districts.

Have an open position in your district, or looking for a long-term sub for the spring?  To get started, just ask your HR staff to go to and sign up. The superintendent will get an email asking to confirm that the HR person is authorized to post jobs for the district, then the district will be on its way to finding the best teachers for their students.

Know a teacher that is or will be looking for a position? Have them go to and sign up. It just takes a few minutes to create a profile and it is free!

We know that getting a great teacher in every classroom is a critical step in ensuring a quality education for Arkansas students, and makes it easy and free.

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