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September Happenings!

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This week, we wanted to give you a heads up about a bunch of education-related events happening in September!

ESSA School Index reports will be open for Private Viewing on My School Info. from September 18 through 24, 2018.  School and district leaders should take advantage of this time before the public release to get prepared to explain to their stakeholders

  • what the ESSA School Index says about their school(s),
  • what the plans are to continue to improve, and
  • how stakeholders can support the work.

Remember that A-F school grades and rewards and recognition money will also be based on the ESSA school index, so a clear understanding and pro-active communication plan seems like a good idea to us!

Thanks to the hard work and planning of ADE staff, we have this information early in the school year so you can use it to inform your practices!  If you have questions about your report, or how to communicate the results, we are happy to help – just email us at

National Merit lists should be released soon as the PSAT selection criteria for 2019 graduates were just released. Arkansas students need a score of 214 to be selected as a Commended Student.

We also wanted to be sure you were aware of several interesting conferences scheduled for September:

Education Innovation Summit: September 27th and 28th in Rogers, $300

This is the fourth year for this conference and they have a great lineup of international, national and local speakers! The conference is a partnership between Office of Innovation for Education (OIE) and ADE and the speakers include Derek Wenmoth, from New Zealand, Susan Patrick from iNACOL and  Stephen Spaloss with City Year.

There are a bunch of breakout sessions from practitioners implementing the work of innovation, along with policy sessions, design sessions, and opportunities to work in small groups with experts in mentor sessions.  If you haven’t been before, you can check out videos of past conferences here.

Data and Policy Symposium: September 27th 8am-1pm in Little Rock, FREE

ForwARd Arkansas, in partnership with the Institute for Chief Data Officers at UA Little Rock are bringing together national experts to discuss the importance of creating a longitudinal data system to track educational outcomes in the state of Arkansas. The keynote will be provided by John Easton, former director of the Institute of Education Sciences at the U.S. Department of Education.   Access to quality, integrated longitudinal data to track outcomes between Pre-K, K-12, post-secondary education/training and workforce participation is essential to inform future planning and resource allocation.

Arkansas Association of Gifted Educators: September 27th in North Little Rock, $105 for Members. Topics include: How GT fits with the Science of Reading Act, Strategies to Identify and Service Students of Low Income, and Closing the Identification Gap.

Arkansas Association of Federal Coordinators: September 19th-21st in Hot Springs $225 for Members. Topics include: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Programs and Budgeting, Utilizing School Index Reports to Analyze Effectiveness of Title Schools, and ADE and Legislative updates.


State Board of Education: September 13th and 14th*

*OEP will be presenting the latest schools discipline research on the 14th at 9

Education Caucus: September 24th at noon

Topic: Student transportation -or- teacher salaries

House and Senate Interim Committees on Education: September 24th and 25th

Topic: 2018 Adequacy Report and issues related to Educational Adequacy

        A draft of the 2018 Adequacy Report can be found here

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