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NAEP Nuggets!

In The View from the OEP on April 10, 2018 at 3:31 pm

NAEP results were released today, and Arkansas’ results look about the same as they did in 2015. NAEP is administered nationally to a representative sample of students from all 50 states, so acts as a standard measure of student performance across states and time.

This trend of ‘meh’ was widespread across the country (although Florida had some strong gains!).  Here at OEP, we dug into the new results and are pleased to share six NAEP nuggets with you. You can learn more details in today’s policy brief!

NAEP Nugget #1:  Arkansas’ 2017 NAEP scores were essentially unchanged from the 2015 results BUT 2015 was a decline from 2013, so this is not great news because we were all hoping 2015 was a one-year-blip that we would bounce back from. In fact, as the figure below highlights, Arkansas scores were the highest in 2011 and 2013, and have trailed off since. Fingers crossed for 2019!!

NAEP 2017

Arkansas NAEP Scale Scores, 2003-2017

NAEP Nugget #2: 4th and 8th grade Math scores are lower than those of Arkansas’ border states (this group includes Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas).  This is particularly a bummer in 4th grade because we outperformed them from 2005 to 2013!


4th Grade NAEP Math Scores, 2003-2017

NAEP Nugget #3: 4th and 8th grade Reading scores are also lower than those of Arkansas’ border states. Again, this is particularly a bummer in 4th grade because we outperformed them from 2003 to 2013.

g4 reading

4th Grade NAEP Reading Scores 2003-2017

NAEP Nugget #4: Math score gaps between student groups widened in 2017 due to decreased performance of at-risk groups and increased performance of other students.


FRL NAEP Math Score Gap: 4th Grade 2003-2017

NAEP Nugget #5: 8th grade Reading score gaps between student groups decreased slightly in 2017, due to an increase in the scores for at-risk student groups.  Although the scores for black and FRL-Eligible students increased, they remain below 2013 levels.


Black/White NAEP Reading Score Gap: 8th Grade 2003-2017

NAEP Nugget #6: ACT Aspire ELA performance is similar to NAEP Reading, but Math proficiency rates are higher for ACT Aspire than for NAEP. We need to pay careful attention to the difference between the NAEP and ACT Aspire math scores.  When we send and receive conflicting messages about how well our students are performing in math, it can make it difficult to determine how well our students are doing and which sorts of educational interventions are making a difference for our students.


NAEP Proficiency and ACT Aspire Performance, 2017

We have our fingers crossed that the changes laid out in ESSA will make a big difference to student learning in Arkansas, and look forward to seeing NAEP results again in 2019.

Meanwhile- there is a lot more data coming out this week about Arkansas’ schools- follow OEP to get insight about what all the numbers really mean!


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