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Get your Growth on!

In The View from the OEP on January 30, 2018 at 1:10 pm


Please join us for the ADE’s Growth Indicator Webinar on Friday at 9:30am (note corrected time). OEP will be asking questions about the indicator and working to make sure that you have a solid understanding of what growth is, what growth isn’t, and how to interpret the growth indicator score.

Arkansas, like many states, has included student growth in the assessment of school performance.  As we mentioned last week, in the new ESSA School Index, the student growth indicator is weighted 50% for elementary- and middle- level schools and 35% for high schools.

This is a welcome change from the NCLB days when only Proficiency mattered. Proficiency still matters, of course, but the calculation is not binary (kids are ‘proficient’ or ‘not proficient’) but weighted along the performance continuum (hooray)!

Updated DRAFT ESSA reports are available for Triand-authorized school users, with public versions of these reports available to the public before the end of April.

School and district leaders should take advantage of this long runway before the public release to get prepared to explain to their stakeholders

  • what the ESSA School Index says about their school(s),
  • what the plans are to continue to improve, and
  • how stakeholders can support the work.

This initial webinar is a great first step to understanding the new index, and more details can be found in the updated business rules.

Remember that A-F school grades and rewards and recognition $$ (coming out this spring) will also be based on the ESSA school index, so a clear understanding and pro-active communication plan seems like a good idea to us!

If you have questions about your report, or how to communicate the results, we are happy to help- just email us at






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