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News From The Capitol: February 18, 2015

In AR Legislature on February 18, 2015 at 2:23 pm


This morning the Senate Committee on Education approved bills on offering a computer science course in high school and requiring cursive writing instruction by the end of third grade.

Computer Science

Sen. Missy Irvin presented HB1183 that would require high schools to offer a course in computer science. The requirement to offer the course would not increase the number of credits needed for graduation nor replace other courses. The bill also creates a task force to develop a variety of ways that schools can meet the requirement. One computer science course will be offered free for one year to any school via Virtual Arkansas.

Cursive Writing

Sen. Jim Hendren presented HB1044 that would require instruction in cursive writing by the end of third grade. Hendren showed a copy of the Declaration of Independence and said students should be able to read this important document that is written and signed in cursive. Noting that cursive writing instruction is optional under Common Core, Hendren said that requiring cursive is an example of how schools can adapt those standards to their needs.

Both bills have passed the House of Representatives and now move to the Senate.


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