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News From The Capitol: February 12, 2015

In AR Legislature on February 12, 2015 at 1:35 pm


This morning the House Committee on Education voted on a bill that would amend the requirements for creating a new school district from an existing district’s territory.

New School District Creation

Rep. Mark Lowery presented HB1242 which would reduce the student enrollment and geographical size requirement needed to create a new school district by detaching territory from an exisitring district. Under current law, an existing district must have an average daily membership (ADM) of at least 15,000 students and encompass 700 square miles for a new district to be created from its territory. The resulting new district must have at least 4,000 ADM.  Under HB1242, a new district could form from an existing district of at least 5,000 ADM and encompassing 450 square miles. The resulting new district must have at least 2,500 ADM. The bill received a Do Pass recommendation today after a vigorous discussion on Tuesday ended with confusion over when the committee chair had called for the vote.

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