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Meet the Candidates: Governor Candidates on Education Policy

In The View from the OEP on April 9, 2014 at 10:24 am

With the Arkansas gubernatorial primaries set for May 20th, you might feel inundated with political advertisements of all shapes and sizes. Often, because of limited space and time, the coverage of political candidates gets boiled down to a few sound bites. While that sort of coverage is necessary in some instances, we were hoping to offer substantive interviews on one of the subjects that we know best: education policy. Arkansas_WikiProject

To provide the best content in the most fair way, members of our staff from both sides of the political aisle collaborated to build a list of questions that ran the gamut of education policy issues: college remediation, teacher quality, Pre-K, and more.

As chief executive of the state, the next Governor of Arkansas will not only have to make key appointments to lead the Arkansas Department of Education, but also will serve as the vocal leader in education reform. The governor can serve as a voice to champion ideas that have proven to be effective and that can boost Arkansas’ schools and the future of our economy.

We hope that similar resources can be produced on other salient topics for the upcoming elections, but we think that this is a good start for those who are concerned with Arkansas’ education performance.

You can read our policy brief here, and you can watch the full videos below.

Meet the Candidates: Curtis Coleman

Meet the Candidates: Asa Hutchinson

Meet the Candidates: Mike Ross

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