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2012-13 ESEA Accountability Statuses Released

In The View from the OEP on November 6, 2013 at 11:40 am

CaptureYesterday in a press conference, the Department of Education (ADE) released Arkansas’ ESEA Accountability Reports from the 2012-13 school year. Under Arkansas’ exemption from NCLB, the ADE instituted this system for school accountability for the first time last year (read more about Arkansas’ ESEA Flexibility Waiver in our policy brief here and look at last year’s ratings in our 2011-12 ESEA Accountability Database).

Schools are held accountable for the proficiency gap or growth gap on Benchmark or End-of-Course exams and the graduation rate gap (at the high school level) for all students and  the Targeted Achievement Gap Group (TAGG includes: free-and-reduced lunch students, English Language Learner students, and students with disabilities). In doing so, schools are held accountable for the gap between where they are and where they need to be AND for the gap between TAGG and non-TAGG students. Schools are rated as: Exemplary, Achieving, Needs Improvement, Needs Improvement Focus, or Needs Improvement Priority. Read more about the ESEA Flexibility Program and Accountability program in the ADE’s guide here.

Yesterday, the ADE released the schools that are Achieving, Needs Improvement, Needs Improvement Focus, and Needs Improvement Priority. By the end of the week, the ADE will release the list of exemplary schools. There are 137 Achieving schools, 793 Needs Improvement schools, 90 Needs Improvement Focus schools, and 42 Needs Improvement Priority schools. According to an ADE memo, four schools moved from the Priority list to the Achieving list and 14 schools moved from the Focus list to the Achieving list. Our hat goes off to these schools and students! Additionally, four Priority schools and eight Focus schools met exit criteria for the first year, and so if these schools meet the exit criteria next year, they will be removed from their respective lists. To support the Focus and Priority schools, the ADE has implemented a comprehensive support system.

To accompany the release yesterday, the ADE has released School Performance Data Reports on the ADE Data Center, as well as a State Report card documenting the states achievement by grade-level and subject. Check out the reports here. In the coming weeks, the OEP will release a database similar to the one we created last year, so that you can examine Arkansas’ schools and ratings.

As expected, the press conference and subsequent release of ratings has received a lot of press. We at the OEP believe that it is important for the public to understand achievement levels across the state, so that we can work together to best support Arkansas’ students and schools. We look forward to continue to see growth in Arkansas’ school and students!

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