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Getting Together on Consolidation

In The View from the OEP on February 5, 2013 at 10:58 am

consolidation1Consolidation has never been a popular concept in Arkansas, despite the fact that it is mandated for school districts with student populations that fall below 350. There is typically at least one challenge presented to the Arkansas legislators each session since the time that this mandate became law.

This morning, a special item of business has been called to challenge certain aspects of the consolidation requirement in Arkansas. The bill, sponsored by Representative Ratliff, does not attempt to overturn the consolidation law in Arkansas. Instead the bill suggests a different method of calculating student enrollment. The method proposed by Representative Ratliff would include the students who are homeschooled in the district as part of the estimated 350 students. This doesn’t seem like it would affect that many districts in Arkansas, but certainly the districts that are running close to the 350 mark, may appreciate the additional padding. We have compiled a list of districts that might be affected by this legislation based on their enrollment. As you can see, only a handful of districts would be affected by this change.

DLEA District


1704000 Mulberry SD


6604000 Hartford SD


5008000 Nevada SD


901000 Dermott SD


2304000 Guy-Perkins SD


6202000 Hughes SD


2503000 Viola SD


1505000 Wonderview SD


3809000 Hillcrest SD


3701000 Bradley SD


5106000 Deer/Mt. Judea SD


506000 Lead Hill SD


5206000 Stephens SD


We’ll keep you updated if any major changes to the consolidation laws occurred. Or, you could stream the House Education Committee meeting here.

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