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Upcoming Education Events: Week of January 28

In The View from the OEP on January 28, 2013 at 8:58 am

It took the first couple of weeks for everyone to get settled in, but at the end of last week, we started to hear the rumblings of education news from the State Capitol. Based on the published legislative agendas and some special events, this week should be a pretty interesting one. Here is a preview of the education-happenings around the Capitol this week.

The Headliner: Education Reform Rally and Summit

Florida Governor Jeb Bush will appear at the A+ Arkansas Education Reform Summit Keynote Speaker Tuesday, January 29th in Little Rock

Florida Governor Jeb Bush will appear at the A+ Arkansas Education Reform Summit Keynote Speaker Tuesday, January 29th in Little Rock

Certainly the event that has garnered the most attention is Education Reform Rally. Organized by a group called A+ Plus Arkansas, the event and luncheon to be held afterward, boasts some pretty powerful figures from both within Arkansas and outside our state boundaries. The keynote speaker for the rally is Jeb Bush. The rally will be held at the Capitol Rotunda in Little Rock at 9:15 AM. An education summit will finalize the event at the Doubletree Hotel. The summit will begin at 11:30 and end at 5:00 PM. A handful of Arkansas Representatives and Senators will be speaking at this event in addition to other prominent figures including Jim Walton, Walter Hussman, Bill Dillard, and Claiborne Deming. In addition to these businessmen and legislators, individuals from educational organization both within and outside of the state will also be speak to the education issues affecting students in Arkansas.

House Education Committee

There are several legislative meetings scheduled as well. The House Education Committee will meet on Tuesday. Two bills are on the current agenda.

  1. A bill that would allow district to establish policies concerning the student use of electronic devices on-campus.
  2. The second is a bill that would alter how the student population of a district is calculated when considering consolidation.

Other items that are on the education agenda include a bill that would create a different charter authorizer than the State Board of Education. We will be discussing this more later this week.

Senate Education Committee

There are 3 items under consideration on the agenda for the Senate Committee on Education:

  1. A bill that has already garnered a lot of attention in the media this session: an amendment to the Public School Choice Act.
  2. Additionally, there’s a bill on the table proposed by Senator Joyce Elliott for the development of “districts of innovation”.
  3. Finally, Senator Chesterfield has proposed a study on the readiness of public schools in Arkansas to prevent and respond to acts of violence.

We’ll keep you updated on these events and more this week on this blog!

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