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Accountability Counts: New OEP Database – School Level ESEA Accountability Status

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AccMagGlassMany of you who read this blog likely watched with interest last month when Arkansas Education Commissioner Tom Kimbrell held a press conference alongside 2012-13 Arkansas Superintendent of the year, Greg Murray of the Conway School District promoting the release of the new ESEA School Accountability Reports for 2012.

Kimbrell Presser In case you missed it, the Arkansas Department of Education still has the video posted  on the ADE website.

In addition to the press conference, the ADE has posted a number of items explaining the new ESEA Accountability Status ratings on the Pressroom page of the ADE website.

Report Card Girl

On the Pressroom page, there is a link to NORMES website, where school leaders can review and print their School Accountability Reports. The ADE even provides links to some handy-dandy instructions regarding how to retrieve your school’s report.

We are fortunate to have these resources, and the one-page .pdf reports are very nice and succinct…but those of you familiar with the growing list of OEP Databases know that we try to present the same, publicly available information in a different, yet user-friendly way in excel sheets for ALL schools around the state. We have attempted to do just that with our 2011-12 ESEA Accountability Status Database.

While responding to an inquiry about the Accountability Statuses of schools in Northwest Arkansas, we realized that it was not entirely easy to examine the  statuses of all the schools in this area at once. Thus, we set out to build a database that would take all of the data provided on the NORMES-generated School Accountability Reports in a “search-able” database format. For example, if you look at the screen-shot image below of the database, inside the red circles, you’ll see “drop-down” arrows that allow users to search schools by School LEA number, School Name, or District Name.

DC Screen Schot

This way, if a user wanted to look up accountability status data for two schools in the Little Rock School District, two schools in the Conway School District, and two Schools in the Bentonville School District, he or she could simply click on the “School Name” drop-down arrow and select those specific schools from the list to compare.

We include data noting whether or not each school met its one-year, or three-year (growth) Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) for all students and for the Targeted Achievement Gap Group (TAGG) students in both literacy and math. We also include Summary Data that is intended to clarify exactly why a school received the Accountability Status it did. (Note: Understanding these new ESEA ratings can be somewhat confusing, so we include a detailed KEY in the excel workbook in whcih we try to explain the rating system.)  Finally, on the far right-hand columns of the database, we include each school’s performance numbers culled from the School Accountability Reports.

You can read more about the rules governing the new ESEA Accountability Statuses in this OEP Policy Brief released earlier this year.

We hope you find this information helpful and usable. Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts!

The current OEP Accountability Status database only includes Elementary and Middle Schools serving grades 3-8. In the coming weeks, we will also be releasing a similar database that includes High Schools. Stay tuned…

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