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Need More Data?? New 2011-12 Benchmark Grade Level OEP Databases!

In The View from the OEP on September 19, 2012 at 11:29 am

No, no no…not that “Data,” silly!

In our latest release of the annual OEP Awards, which highlights high-achieving schools with higher percentages of low-income students, we recognize individual grade-levels within schools that have students achieving high scores on the Arkansas Benchmark exams in math and literacy. Since we have been releasing our OEP Databases, we have mainly highlighted those databases that aggregate – or collapse – the data into a single, school- or district-level score, so that any interested party could examine the overall data for his or her school or district, without having to consider each grade separately.

However, there is great usefulness in observing these data by each grade-level. Thus, this week we are posting the 2011-12 Arkansas Benchmark exam data by grade level for all subjects and grades tested. In case you are not familiar, here is a breakdown of each benchmark subtest and which grades are tested in those subjects:

  • Benchmark Mathematics: Grades 3-8
  • Benchmark Literacy: Grades 3-8
  • Benchmark Science: Grades 5 & 7

Further, our databases include grade-by-grade scores in these subjects at both the school- and district- level. We hope you find these databases useful. We also hope that they serve as a resource for comparing grade-level performance for the schools listed in our “Beating the Odds” section of the OEP Awards. Stay tuned for more OEP Awards in the coming weeks which will continue to feature grade-by-grade award-winners. As these reports come out, also be sure to revisit the OEP Data Page to compare OEP Awards schools with others across the state!

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