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Exemplary, My Dear Watson

In The View from the OEP on August 14, 2012 at 4:37 pm

Earlier this week, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) released the list of Exemplary Schools from 2011. Exemplary schools are:

  • Those demonstrating high student academic performance
  • Schools that have large populations of at-risk students (known as the Targeted Achievement Gap Group – or TAGG Students) with high academic performance
  • Schools with high student academic progress
  • Schools with large populations of at-risk students with high academic progress (TAGG Students)

These designations were granted with the approval of the Arkansas ESEA Flexibility Waiver request submitted to the US Department of Education earlier this year. For more information about these categories, read the OEP Policy Brief on the ESEA Flexibility Waiver Approval. Here is a list of the nineteen public schools designated as “Exemplary Schools” in 2011 according to each category listed above: Exemplary Schools with High Student Academic Performance

  • Pea Ridge Middle School (Pea Ridge SD)
  • Valley Springs Middle School (Valley Springs SD)
  • Academy of Technology (Vilonia SD)
  • Academy of Service and Technology (Vilonia SD)
  • Park Magnet School (Hot Springs SD)
  • Mount Pleasant Elementary School (Melbourne SD)
  • Arnold Drive Elementary School (Pulaski County Special SD)
  • Haas Hall Academy Charter School (Haas Hall)

Exemplary Schools with High TAGG Populations with High Performance

  • Norfork Elementary School (Norfork SD)
  • Tuckerman Elementary School (Jackson County SD)
  • Tuckerman High School (Jackson County SD)
  • Kingston Elementary School (Jasper SD)
  • KIPP Delta College Prep High School (KIPP Delta)
  • Marshall High School (Searcy County SD)

Exemplary Schools with High Student Academic Progress

  • Van Cove Elementary School (Cossatot SD)
  • Clinton Junior High School (Clinton SD)

Exemplary Schools with High TAGG Populations with High Progress

  • Luxora Elementary School (South Mississippi County SD)
  • West Elementary School (Osceola SD)
  • Cotton Plant Elementary School (Augusta SD)

We would like to congratulate all these schools on this achievement. We applaud the state for recognizing schools with high performing at-risk students. In fact, the OEP released a report in 2011 called Spotlights on Success where we highlighted the achievement of five high-growth schools in Arkansas. It is nice to see that in addition to the five schools highlighted in our report, that there are even more high-achieving schools being recognized by the state. If you are interested in looking at academic performance measures of the above schools, please visit the OEP Data Page to look up school- and/or district-level test score data for any of the schools or districts listed above – or perhaps use our Similar Schools Rating to compare your school to the nineteen Exemplary Schools in Arkansas!

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