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Ed Events in the Natural State

In AR Legislature on February 6, 2012 at 12:12 pm

There’s a lot of great edu-stuff happening around the state in the next week or so, with Little Rock being the epicenter of these great events. First, today there are a couple of interesting conversations to be held by the Joint Committee on Education. The meeting, which will start at 1:30 PM this afternoon, will cover a whole gamut of interesting topics including a discussion of a few items that have been proposed for interim study. Those proposals are listed below:

  1. To establish the college and career coaches program (proposed by Representative Andy Mayberry)
  2. A study of options available or needed for offering core subjects in single-sex classroom setting at public junior and senior high schools (Representative Donna Hutchinson)

The meeting will be followed up by a second Joint Committee on Education meeting tomorrow morning at 9 AM. In what looks like will be a full house, several discussions will take place concerning the following issues:

  • Issues related to Arkansas Comprehensive Testing, Assessment, and Accountability Program and School Improvement
  • Review of school Improvement Consulting Expenditures and Results
  • Preliminary Discussion of Issues Related to State’s Educational Technology Infrastructure

Promises of a New Day - A Conference to Share Best...  If you haven’t heard about the KIPP Delta Conference that will be held in Little Rock this week, we strongly encourage you to check out the agenda. Having visited KIPP Delta numerous times, we can’t help but appreciate the work they are doing in the Delta. Furthermore, we can’t think of a better way to meet your professional development requirements than checking out the successful strategies used at KIPP. Registration is free, but required. The full agenda and other information can be found here.

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Finally, the Arkansas State Board of Education will hold its monthly meeting on February 13, 2012. The agenda, which can be found here, holds some interesting items. Among those are the widely publicized new rules proposed by DHS for Arkansas Better Chance programs. The rules could create some limitations for faith-based providers. John Lyons’ over at the Arkansas News Bureau has been covering this story as it develops.

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