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State Board Meeting Update

In AR Legislature on October 10, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Last week, the OEP published a policy brief about the NCLB waiver flexibility opportunity announced by President Obama in September. Today, at the monthly Arkansas State Board of Education Meeting, Dr. Kimbrell provided some insight into how Arkansas will respond to this opportunity.

The state will not be able to meet the November deadline for the first NCLB waiver request submission. Dr. Kimbrell stated that the November deadline was, in reality, only feasible for a few states that had advance notice and had made preparations for these waivers before President Obama’s announcement. The ADE intends to meet the second submission timeline which falls in February. Between now and the February deadline for NCLB, there will be public meetings for stakeholders to provide input regarding how those waivers should be designed in Arkansas.

Kimbrell also noted that US Senator John Kline plans to release his draft for NCLB reauthorization today. Presumably, this draft mirrors the flexibility plan released by the President a few weeks back. We will post links to that draft when it is made available.

  1. To the best of my knowledge, the Senate HELP approved its NCLB reform legislation last month with bipartisan support.
    House Education Committee Chairman John Kline on the other hand is still working on his version. Mr. Kline wants to break it into five segments. One segment related to increasing funding for Charter Schools has been approved by the full House. Two segments has been approved by the Education Committee (in partisan vote.) The other two segments are still being developed … but this week Mr. Kline has not scheduled any hearings, so I am not sure where the October date came from.

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