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Beating the Odds

In The View from the OEP on September 29, 2011 at 9:18 am

As we mentioned in our blog post a few weeks back, there are few things those of us at OEP enjoy doing more than celebrating  successful schools in Arkansas. Whether it’s the  OEP Awards or the outstanding schools highlighted in the Spotlights on Success earlier this year, our favorite publications are the ones that highlight just how hard many teachers and school leaders are working around the state.

This week we published a favorite for our office, The Office for Education Policy Beating the Odds Awards. This section of our annual OEP Awards Report, highlights the top 20 performing high poverty schools across  the state. We recognize that there are certain challenges associated with teaching kids from economically disadvantaged homes. In fact, it was a desire to see these challenges systemically addressed  that drove many of us in the OEP into the field of education policy. That is why we want to ensure that these schools receive their due credit for all the hard work they put into ensuring that these children perform well and beat the odds!

As we prepared this report, we were reminded of the hard work of the teachers and leaders at Howard Elementary in Fort Smith, a highlighted school in our Spotlights on Success Report. We were pleased to see another school highlighted in our Spotlights on Success Report, Grace Hill Elementary in Rogers, was also highlighted as one of the top performing schools in the state with 92% proficiency and 93% poverty.

We hope you will take a minute to look over these fantastic schools from all over the state and recognize the hard work that the educators and administrators in these districts are doing to empower their students to “beat the odds”!

There are numerous schools in the state listed under the other categories as well which include:

  • Top 20 High Poverty Elementary and Middle Schools Based on Benchmark Math Scores
  • Top 20 High Poverty   Elementary and Middle Schools Based on Benchmark Literacy Scores
  • Top 5 Schools  by Grade in High Poverty Schools on both Math and Literacy Benchmark


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