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Join us at the UCA Summer Leadership Institute June 10th

In OWL-OEP Weekly Links on June 3, 2011 at 7:36 am

One week from tomorrow (June 10th) the University of Central Arkansas will hold the 2011 Summer Leadership Institute. The OEP will be presenting during one of the afternoon breakout sessions on a project titled: Spotlights on Success: Schools Beating the Odds in Arkansas. The presentation will highlight our upcoming Arkansas Education Report featuring case studies of five successful schools in Arkansas beating the odds in the following three categories:

  • Racially diverse schools with high achievement for all student groups.
  • High poverty schools (rural and urban) fostering high student achievement.
  • High achieving schools showing continued achievement growth.

We gathered information for this report and following presentation by visiting these five schools and meeting with the principals, teachers, and staff to get their perspective of what makes their school successful.

Part of our presentation will involve a panel of teachers and school leaders from these schools who will be responding to questions such as:

  • What is happening at your school to push your students to such high levels?
  • How would you describe your school’s culture and how did you and your team develop this culture?
  • What is one positive feature that your school just couldn’t do without?

We are hoping that these questions will start a discussion and generate ideas that could be useful for schools across the state. If you would like to join us for this discussion, please click here to register for the 2011 Summer Leadership Institute!! We hope to see you in Conway next week!

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