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Legislative Recaps … Education-style

In AR Legislature on April 19, 2011 at 11:09 am

Not to overdo it, but with over 2K bills filed at the Arkansas legislature and 153 education bills alone signed into law, we felt it might be beneficial to spend some time taking a closer look at some of these bills. So over the next few weeks, we want to more thoroughly examine some of the education bills that were passed into law, and a few that were not.

We are going to examine the bills categorically, using the same categories listed by the ADE at their legislative tracking site. These categories include: Arkansas Teacher Retirement Systems, Title 6 Bills, Teachers, Public Schools, K-12 Students, and the Department of Education. We’ll also add a category for school funding and for charters and choice.

But before we get going with the policy analysis (next week), we wanted to send out a few links to some of the other edu-groups legislative recaps.

  • Richard Abernathy and the AAEA went all 21st Century with its weekly legislative podcasts throughout the session. You can find the AAEA final Legislative Recap here. 
  • The AEA has a plethora of information available on public school legislation that can be found here.
  • The Arkansas School Boards Association has a neat bill tracker with detailed information on each of its bills, including its stance on the various bills found on its website. 
Keep an eye on this space next week for the OEP legislative recap!
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