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OEP Weekly Links: March 10th 2011

In OWL-OEP Weekly Links on March 10, 2011 at 12:35 pm

We hope your week has been treating you well. It’s been a busy few weeks for the OEP as we continue to cover the Legislative Session in Little Rock. This week, we are releasing a new policy brief on extended learning opportunities among low-income students. The brief was developed in response to a bill before the Senate Education Committee (SB267) that would allow schools in year 1 (or higher) of school improvement to elect to increase their school year to 200 days. The extended school year would be a mechanism to increase achievement levels of students in these schools, thus removing the school from the School Improvement list. One of the justifications for an extended school day is the need to extend educational opportunities to needy students. We explore this issue in our brief and conclude that extended school days and years may constitute an effective strategy to enhance the educational performance of economically disadvantaged students. Click here to read more!

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